Complaints and Appeals

Applicants may formally request Archimede Solutions to reconsider any adverse decision related to its desired certification status by submitting an appeal in writing to Archimede Solutions for within one month of the date of written notification of the decision in question.

Archimede Solutions is committed to provide high quality and reliable certification services and to maintain the highest standards in its dealings with its customers, third parties and stakeholders. If you are a third party who has concerns about the certification activities or is unhappy with our service, then we want to hear about it.

Complaints and Appeals Process 

The process for processing Complaints and Appeals is as follows:




The process starts by the submission of complaint/appeals of complainant/appellant.



The Certification Manager reviews the complaints/appeals to supported by sufficient objective evidence.



The Certification Manager investigates and validates the subject of the complaint/appeal, and decide the acceptance of it.



The Certification Manager collects an information necessary to investigate the complaint/appeal by the team complaints/appeals.


Report and communication

The Certification Manager communicates the decision on the response the complaint/appeal.



If the complainant/appeallant agrees whit the decision, the Project Manager gives notice to the complaint of the end of the complaints/appeals handling process.


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