Use of Marks of Conformity and Certification References

The use and reference to the certification must comply with the Certification Scheme. The mark of conformity is and shall remain a property of the Scheme Owner and shall be used by the Client exclusively within the limits of the legitimate and authorized use, as agreed by the Scheme Owner and specified in the Certification Scheme. The Certification Bodies and Clients shall comply with the rules of the Certification Scheme governing the use of certificates and mark of conformity.

The use of the mark of conformity shall:

  • Provide a clear information on the certification scheme and scope;
  • Prevent any misleading indication regarding the scope of the certification;
  • Enable traceability back to the Certification Body and its registry.

There shall be no ambiguity, in the mark or accompanying text, as to what has been certified and which Certification Body has granted the certification. Complementary rules and guidance are provided by the Certification Scheme and the Certification Body.

In case of identified misuse of the mark of conformity or any other form of reference to the certification scheme, you are invited to contact the Certification Body without any delay.

The use of logos or marks of conformity is forbidden on test, calibration and inspection reports.

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