Impartiality Committee

The Impartiality Committee is primarily in charge of overseeing the impartiality of decision making processes within the body. The Impartiality Committee provides independent review and oversight of quality of certification activities.

The Impartiality Committee intends to preserve the balance of interests so that no single interest predominates. The interest of Certification Body employees and paid contractors shall not predominate the interest of Impartiality Committee and shall follow the interest of Impartiality Committee and the main interests of the Certification Body.

Although the Committee cannot represent every interest, the Certification Body intends to identify and invite key interests. Such interests may include (but not limited to):

Clients of the Certification Body

Experts in data protection

Experts in certification


The Impartiality Committee is appointed to ensure that the policies, practices and operations are in accordance with ISO1 17021-1 and ISO 17065.

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