Other Services

Customized Services

Archimede Solutions provides a whole set of customized services to support its clients with agility and efficiency, including:

Data Protection Services
Data protection compliance management, data protection impact assessment, DPO service, gap analysis, Europrivacy certification preparation, etc. More on Data Protection services.

Cybersecurity and Internet of Things Expertise

Archimede Solutions has a strong expertise in the ICT domain, from the Internet of Things to cybersecurity. It is part of the IoT Lab platform and collaborates with top European and international research teams. More on Cybersecurity and Internet of Things expertise.

International Experts

Access to our international network of experts from international law to the Internet of Things and cybersecurity. More on  International Experts

Management and Administrative Support

Administrative management, accounting, salaries and social charges, invoicing and payments, reporting, etc. More on administrative services

Providing customized services and support for our clients to focus on their core business

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