Certification process

The process leading to a certification is voluntary. The role of the Certification Body is to assess and check whether the product, process, service or management system submitted for certification meets the requirements of the Certification Scheme. From a high level view, a certification process usually goes through the following steps:

Upon receipt of an application, the Certification Body will review it in order to assess its acceptability and to prepare an offer if applicable. The project manager may request further clarification or documentation. The application form serves as a basis to prepare an offer, including its price estimate. Upon accepting the offer, a qualified auditors and/or assessors are assigned for the certification process, in accordance with the corresponding Certification Scheme. According to the object to be certified, the certification process may require documentation review and onsite audits. The Lead auditor/assessor synthesizes the findings into a report that will be reviewed by a Reviewer before the Certification Body makes a formal decision.