Communication & impact

Research Projects

Research projects must demonstrate their impact in terms of dissemination and exploitation with expected job creation in Europe. It is too often a weak point in many research proposals. Archimede Solutions gathers a network of seasoned experts in:
-Project coordination and management;
-Impact and exploitation plans;
-Communication and dissemination (including event organizing, filming, animations, design, etc.);
-Standardization; with direct contacts in the major ICT-related standardization bodies, including ITU, ETSI, IEEE, IETF, W3C, ISO, IEC, OGC, etc.
-Intellectual Property Rights strategy and management (including patent, PCT, trademark, design, copyrights, etc.) with a  vicinity to the World Intellectual Property Organization;
-Technological transfer to SMEs.
Our typical contribution to research projects includes among others:
- Identification of background brought by each partner
- Early identification of foreground and access rights
- Writing and signing consortium agreement
- Establishing confidentiality rules regarding findings and results
- Identification of patentable findings and results of projects
- Identification of short term marketable results
- Market survey including competition and existing business models
- Structuring the exploitation plan for the use of foreground
- Analysis of the value chain to identify value creative activities
- Business model structuring
- Search and qualification of possible necessary external stakeholders
- Defining commercialisation structure and processes
- Creating the business plan related to the exploitation plan
- Marketing strategy, digital marketing, social networks
- Operational marketing
- Building Key Performance Indicators for sales follow up and management

Scientific Communication

Archimede Solutions develops scientific exhibitions and workshops for festivals, events, universities, institutes, schools. Here are a few examples of past events:
- Seeing the sound,workshop on visualisation of acoustic waves
- 4D, workshop on the 4th spatial dimension, between art, games and maths
- Ludyssey, workshop about mathematics and games
- The elegance of time, exhibition about mathematics and clockwork
- The beauty of fractals, exhibition about art and maths

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