Research Activities

Archimede Solutions has been involved in research activities since its inception. The company is actively engaged in several Horizon 2020 European research projects on privacy and cyber security, including: 

  • Privacy Flag, on data protection certification, with  a focus on the European (GDPR) and Swiss data protection regulations;
  • ANASTACIA, on cybersecurity and data protection protection with the development of a dynamic security and privacy seal;
  • SAINT, on cybercriminality with a holistic approach combining technology and economic models;
  • Create-IoT, on data protection for the five European Large Scale Pilots on Internet of Things 
  • U4IoT developing tools to monitor and ensure respect and compliance with the GDPR in the five European Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) on the Internet of Things: smart cities, wearables, smart transportation, smart agriculture, and smart homes. The five LSPs gather over 150 European companies and research centers. 

Bringing excellence to research

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