Certification Decision

Granting or refusing certification

Upon completion of the initial certification and based on audit conclusions to the Lead Auditor, the Reviewer may grant certification, if all certification criteria have been achieved and non-conformities are closed. Otherwise,  Archimede Solutions reserves the right to refuse the certification.

Maintaining certification

The Certification is maintained for a period of 3 years and in order to keep the certification Archimede Solutions shall perform on-site surveillance audits once a year.

Suspending or withdrawing certification

Archimede Solutions will initiate suspension or withdrawing process if a major non-conformity note is issued during a surveillance or recertification visit, if the Client to fails to abide by contractual obligation or if the client requests a voluntary suspension or withdrawal.

Restoring certification

A suspended certification may be restored once all outstanding issues have been closed and verified by Archimede Solutions.

Expanding or reducing the certification scope

Archimede Solutions may decide to reduce the scope of certification if the Client has persistently, or seriously failed to meet the certification requirements for those parts of the scope of certification. Any Client willing to expand or reduce the scope of its certification is kindly invited to contact our office. When this extension or reduction request is granted, a new certificate may be issued.